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Cover Art of the Week #26: Sing When You’re Winning, Robbie Williams

Back of the net! The 2010 FIFA World Cup starts this weekend in South Africa, so it’s only right that we feature a football related album cover. Robbie Williams released his third solo album in August 2000 and had every reason to be singing. He was most definitely winning at the time.

On the cover of Sing When You’re Winning we have a team full of Robbies in complete football strips celebrating what we at AUPEO! presume was constant radio play, publicity and world-wide superstardom. Tom Hingston, a graphic designer for much of Williams’ album art, got Paul M Smith to shoot the cover. Smith was known in England in the mid-nineties as one of the photographers really taking advantage of all the possibilities of digital technology.

For Sing When You’re Winning, Paul M Smith and Tom Hingston decided to embrace Robbie Williams’ love for the beautiful game. Having grown up in Stoke-upon-Trent, Robbie is a Port Vale fan, a team that had it’s glory days in the fifties. He became the club’s major shareholder in 2006. For the album cover Robbie was to make up his own football team, management, fans and opposition. The whole project took three months to complete. Normally a job of this magnitude would have kept Smith occupied for a whole year. The shoot itself only took three days and was staged at Stamford Bridge, the home of London’s Chelsea FC. By looking at the photos, it is clear that despite a grueling schedule, Robbie Williams enjoyed the shoot. He seems to portray each character wholeheartedly, creating a genuine feel-good vibe.

At AUPEO! we are very much anticipating the World Cup. Bets have been placed, plans made to see as many games as possible and football talk fills the office. The tournament starts on Friday with the hosts South Africa playing Mexico, and Robbie’s England play their first game against USA the following day.

What are you still waiting for? Enjoy our Robbie Williams AUPEO! Artist Station and then go listen to the Match Day AUPEO! Station to get yourself geared up for the biggest sporting event in the universe.  

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