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Yannick Ilunga alias Petite Noir released an impressive debut record a few months ago: La Vie Este Belle / Life Is Beautiful. The sound of this South African Singer/Songwriter works like a pop collage that reminds you that boundaries are something useless. Therefore it is not a big suprise that Ilunga is inspired by Kanye West since he listened to 808s & Heartbreak for the first time: “I was like, ‘Wow, here’s a black guy just breaking all boundaries.’ Kanye literally changed my life.” But not only West has left its marks. Ilunga takes a walk through the big pop culture museum … but he does not forget to write his own songs as Petite Noir.

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If you think about next January and Berlin winter you start freezing automatically. Good to hear that The Milk Carton Kids will stop by during this cold days to warm up your ears and hearts. With their mixture of folk and country Kenneth and Joey sound like a modern version of Simon & Garfunkel. For their current record Monterey the Californian duo did not go to a studio. They simply recorded the songs in churches and on stage during their last tour which perfectly underlines their sound character. So is there a better place to play these songs live than a church?!

We are giving away 1×2 Tickets for the Berlin Show of The Milk Carton Kids at Passionskirche on 24th. January 2016, presented by AUPEO! Just write an e-mail to community (at) aupeo (dot) com with the subject “The Milk Carton Kids” and give us your name. Deadline is January 22th.


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Featured Artists – November 2015

Every month the AUPEO! content team decides which artists are especially worth lending your ears to. Please enjoy our selection for November 2015!

Seinabo Sey
A strong voice is not the only characteristic feature of Swedish artist Seinabo Sey. If you listen to her debut album Pretend you will also find flair and talent. This record is a bridge between a classic like Nina Simone and the here an now.

Claire Boucher sends us her Art Angels, her fourth record as Grimes. And while the music press is discussing if this record brings the (financial) breakthrough or not you only have to know that this Canadian indie artist has just released her best pop record so far!

Hannah Diamond
This princess of UK based label PC Music is back with a new single. A flashback to the 90ies with double sugar on top. The next wave of pop. Please everbody say: Hi!

The most relaxing moments brings you Deerhunter these days. Fading Frontier has everything an indie rock record needs to beam you right into a comforting dream condition you don’t even have to close your eyes for.

Kamasi Washington
Yes, his record came out a few month ago. But we never pay tribute here to this great jazz talent. And we are still stoked when we listen to The Epic … the title speaks for itself.

Helena Hauff
A solanaceous herb from Hamburg. The debut album Discreet Desires has more melodies than her single releases before but it is still dark techno. Which is great: You don’t need light for dancing.


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Alexander Brettin is a jazz musician from the Midwest, now based in Los Angeles, and has already worked together with artists like Ariel Pink, R Stevie Moore or Silk Rhodes. He is the head of Mild High Club. He just released the debut album on Stones Throw Records, where already Aloe Blacc or Madlib have released. But if you expect something like Hip-Hop, Soul or Funk, as the label’s history might suggest, you will be surprised. Timelime is weirdo pop at its best, located somewhere close to the psychedelic era of The Beatles or other ’60s-sounding stuff like The Byrds. A sound belonging to a different time but actually up-to-date if you think of the ongoing psychedelic trend in music that came up over the last years with bands like Foxygen or Unknown Mortal Orchestra – although Mild High Club are more muzzy. Highly recommended to bring back some colors to this grey fall sky.

We are giving away 1×2 Tickets for the only German show of Mild High Club at ACUD in Berlin on October 30th 2015. Just write an e-mail to community (at) aupeo (dot) com with the subject Mild High Club and give us your name. Deadline is October 29th.

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Featured Artists – October 2015

Every month the AUPEO! content team decides which artists are especially worth lending your ears to. Please enjoy our selection for October 2015!

Nova Heart
This high rising star studded band from Beijing/China brings us clever electro pop. Nova Heart’s selft titled debut record captivates by its rhythm and sometimes lascivious passages. This record is made for the dancefloor. And that means that sweaty moments are for sure when Nova Heart hit the stage. You can win tickets for their shows in Germany here

Ane Brun
We don’t know what exactly happened to Norwegian songstress Ane Brun on her latest album When I’m Free but it’s definitely a good thing. After years of being a somehow hushed crooner with an acoustic guitar, this album shows all the songwriting skills and diversity Brun has with a never suspected urgency. And even though this is nodding towards Björk or Kate Bush at times, When I’m Free appears to be the most consequent display of Ane Bruns talents so far.

Petite Noir
South African Singer/Songwriter Yannick Ilunga sounds a bit like a mixture of David Bowie and Dave Gahan. You’ll find obvious references on his debut La Vie Este Belle / Life Is Beautiful every second – but still it has its very own sound (and also very good songs!). And that is pop culture at its best.

The Weeknd
Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd is back, though he never left. He was only refining his sound and found beauty behind madness, which oddly enough is the title of his album. Yes, he is currently number one in a lot places and yes, he totally deserves it.

Autumn is here and if you are searching for the perfect soundtrack to walk through colorful leaves just keep your ears open for Keøma, the new band of Kat Frankie and Chris Klopfer! Listen to their first single Pines and dive deep into their melancholic indie pop.

Bobby “Blue” Bland
Coming from a Gospel background Bobby “Blue” Bland soul-blues voice also known as the “chicken-bone” sound allowed him to place an amazing 51 singles on the R&B Top 40 during his 50 year long career. Sinatra of Blues.

Albert King
Albert King is one of the most influential blues guitarists to ever pick up the electric guitar. His “upside-down” style playing the guitar left-handed without re-stringing from the right-hand setup influenced the likes of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Otis Rush.

Die Nerven
These three German guys carry a lot of anger inside. But they use that power, as you might have guessed, to write loud noise rock songs, some of the best ones this genre actually is generating. Out is the third record by Die Nerven.

U.S. Girls
Finally Megan Remy gets the attention she deserves. The new record Half Free of this Illinois-born and Toronto-based Singer/Songwriter gives you a journey full of pop, heavy guitars and psychedelic tunes. Why be bored when you can listen to a record like this?!

Nova Heart _ by RenHang

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Nova Heart is Helen Feng’s solo project started in the beginning of 2011. Feng, born in Bejing and raised in the US and Canada, started her career as a VJ for MTV China, and with Ziyo founded one of China’s most long-running indie bands and co-founded the electronic pop group Pet Conspiracy. Last year we heard Feng’s voice on the wonderful record Asiatisch by Fatima Al Qadiri, on which she sang a great version of Sinead O’Conner’s world famous “Nothing Compares 2 You”.

After touring all over the world – and without having released a debut album – Nova Heart’s reputation as a great live band is running ahead. Their ’80s inspired sound is located somewhere between Blondie, Ladytron, New Order or The xx, and fresh synth-pop songs are the result. The self titled debut record, which was already released in China last year, will now be officially released in October for Europe and the rest of the world. Straight after that Nova Heart will go on tour with two stops in Germany, presented by AUPEO!:

Nova Heart live:

11.10.2015 Cologne, artheater

13.10.2015 Berlin, Lido

We are giving away 2×2 tickets for the Nova Heart shows in Berlin and Cologne. Just write an e-mail to community (at) aupeo (dot) com with the subject Nova Heart and give us your name AND the city you want to go to. Deadline is October 8th.


Featured Artists – September 2015

Every month the AUPEO! content team decides which artists are especially worth lending your ears to. Please enjoy our selection for September 2015!

Julia Holter
She is the one of the most interesting Singer/Songwriters of present. With her mixture of pop and electronic Holter is blowing up the usual context of trivial songs. On her new record Have you in my wilderness the American multi-instrumentalist again defines her own sound-spectrum of catchy complexity.

New Order
These guys do not need an introduction. They wrote music history with Joy Division and continued on their way with New Order. Music Complete is the first record in ten years and it’s just great to hear when pioneers like these are not ceasing to make good music.

This British singer/songwriter is part of a generation of new voices that transports great harmonies and emotions. File him next to Ben Howard, Sam Smith, Birdy or Adele. His debut Whishes is coming out September 18th.

No, these guys did not use a time machine to bring the early ’70s to the here and now. You can call it Retro-Rock but at the same time Kadavar sounds fresh and are simply too cool to just copy some old dried-up riffs. They are from Berlin and that’s also the name of their new record. Stop cutting your hair and catch them live if you get the chance!

Dj Harvey
Veteran disco DJ had a great summer playing gigs all round europe. Check him out on AUPEO!

Wayne Shorter
One of the last living truly great innovators of the 1960s, Wayne Shorter turned the ripe old age of 82 on August 25th. He’s still going strong, gigging all over the world with his long-standing quartet, and his playing is as expressive as ever. His achievements during his life so far are impossible to overstate, and here’s hoping we get to enjoy his music for many more years to come.

Sons of Kemet
The double-drummer quartet led by UK saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings released their debut album ‘Burn’ in 2013 to much critical acclaim. Their visceral, driving, earthy percussion-led grooves are equal parts hypnotic and energising, coupled with the gutsy tuba bass, make for a powerful and assertive sound. They return in September with more of the same, a new album entitled ‘Lest We Forget What We Came Her To Do’, and if it’s anything like the last offering (spoiler: it is) then it’s going to be a wild ride.

Maddie & Tae
A young duo, two 20-year-old blondes calling for a revolution – singing “Shut Up and Fish” to the ever-feckless patriarchal fan-boyhood of country media – intentionally posing themselves as the antidote to the “Bro Country” virus corrupting the current stream. If you feel like it’s time to learn more about Maddie & Tae, their debut album “Start Here” is the obvious place to start.

The Sons of the Pioneers
If “The Sons of the Pioneers” sounds familiar, like a bearded 2015 Americana fiddle-pop band, don’t be foolish – it’s actually one of the longest-surviving country vocal groups, preaching the “wonder-working power in the blood of the lamb” since 1933. This is apparently when fire and brimstone started to sound cozy. Accepted into mainstream radio as “Living Room Doom” – It’s overtly white, it’s God-fearing, so it’s really pretty dark, and yet somehow it’s extremely conservative. “Read the Bible Every Day” is a banger.

Alan Curtis
In September AUPEO! pays tribute to harpsichordist and director Alan Curtis, who passed away this summer. Curtis was instrumental in revolutionizing the performance practice of baroque music and has a formidable body of recorded work ranging from pieces for solo harpsichord to operas with his ensemble Il Complesso Barocco.

Schnipo Schranke
If you order a Schnipo Schranke in a German takeaway you would get a schnitzel and pommes with ketchup and mayonnaise. If you use this technical term at a record store you would get the debut record Satt of this german duo including minimal indie pop songs with a delicious taste.

Bulgarian producer Kink has been on fire for some time now and this summer he took his live set all around Europe and touched down recently in Berlin for a great live set at Atonal festival.